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Mobile Web Testing Using Nightwatchjs Part 1 (iOS) 0

Mobile Web Testing Using Nightwatchjs Part 1 (iOS)

Nightwatch is a Node.js based framework that specializes in End-to-End (E2E) tests. The default repository includes steps for most desktop browsers and using the Selenium Server comes standard, but mobile requires custom modifications, complex config changes and further investigations. It also requires other libraries like Appium. Our goal is to build onto Nightwatch so current and future projec...

NightWatchjs Part 2 (Getting Started) 0

NightWatchjs Part 2 (Getting Started)

NightWatchjs?The makers of NightWatch say: “Nightwatch.js is an automated testing framework for web applications and websites, written in Node.js and using the Selenium WebDriver API.” They also emphasize it being an E2E (end-to-end) solution. Their interpretation of E2E is “browser automation” and is sometimes interchangeably with System Testing among some teams, but that is not exactly correct...

NightWatchjs Part 1 (Why NightWatch?) 0

NightWatchjs Part 1 (Why NightWatch?)

NightWatch has become my go-to API into Selenium recently for E2E tests, so I figured why not blog about it. I am learning as I go so please feel free to tactfully question anything here you see that sounds inaccurate or worth deeper discussion. I plan to discuss the reason why I chose NightWatch and in following blogs I will discuss installation/set-up and deeper dives on various techniques ...